the thief

The Thief

The axe was eighty inches tall with dual golden blades that gleamed in the sunlight. This of course was until it was stolen. The time according to the security camera was 19:37:02. The police believe it was a white female age 34 approximately 5'6" with light brown hair at a black backpack. They are still looking for the suspect. How foolish of them to be looking for a 34 year old female when they should be looking for a 127 year old, who looks 36, male and is 6'3" and is capable of: teleportation, fire breathing, flying, disinagration, by simply pointing at an object, transformation, into anything and everything, and is immortal among other things and can also spit poison like snakes. This is who they should be looking for and all the would have to do is turn to their leader and ask why he did what he did. They never will because they are week and I am strong. This is the story of the thief.


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