the island

The Island

Part 1

One day a bee was zigzagging through a field and into some trees. He sees a spider then whoosh right into a web flies the bee. It struggles for a bit then buzzes furiously. The very deadly spider felt its web move so it went down and attacked the bee only to be killed by a tank moving through the forest

Part 2

A tank rumbled through a forest that had been created by a volcano 2,000 years before. The tank killed or ran over tree after tree and then boom! Blew up after hitting a land mine. The explosion caused a fallen tree to erupt into flames.

Part 3

A fire was started by an explosion in a small forest, about 100 trees. Soon the ball of fire was growing and growing until it was the size of a tiger tank it started to engulf everything on the island. Soon after It went out due to a rain storm that lasted ten days and ten nights.


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